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Just In 2022 High-Performance PP Core MANTA Pro XT Bodyboards

Hard to get bigger boards, great for the Larger Rider 🙂

44” Size suit 175cm-195cm Height & up to 115 kgs
46″ Size suit 185cm-205cm Height & up to 130kg

Deck Colours:

PP Cores are the Benchmark for all modern high-performance bodyboarding.

The ultimate board with wide template and full length thumb grooves for the riders who want more control and relaxed cut through in the waves. Built to last. The best all round choice for many riders.

These 44/46″ size boards work in all conditions with these top range materials. A template developed over the many years Manta has been working on Bodyboards in Cronulla Australia.

2 x Stringer
BPPHD core
Full Length Thumb Grooves
Nose bulbs
XPS PE Slick
Leash Plug Included. (no leash) options available for wrist or bicep


Manta Force PP – Bodyboard 44″ with Blue deck contour

An infinite classic in the Manta Bodyboard range. A strong mid width template version.

Lightweight, fast and strong PP Bodyboard core, with a signature old school shape, complemented by a unique deck Contour for added control. Suitable for all conditions!

The Force board is powerful, fast and aggressive.

44” Size suit 175cm-195cm Height & up to 115 kgs

Limited colours/numbers left be quick!

RRP $299, Special $199!!!

Board Features:

BPP Core
Nose Bulbs
Nose Bar
Half Deck Contour
Nose & Tail Bumpers
XPS slick

Leash Plug Included. (no leash) options available

Redback Surf Fins, Boogie Board Fins

Get that needed boost to jump the line at your favourite break this summer!

Ideal for Bodyboarding or Body Surfing

100% Pure Rubber Fin Designed for Comfort & Performance

Super comfortable pocket fit with extra strong blades for explosive take-off power! Designed with a ‘bat tail’ tip for added style and hydrodynamics

Available in sizes XS,S, M, L and Extra Large

Shoe size US: XS 5-6 S 6-7 M 7-9 L 9-11 XL 11-13

Click & Collect from Remuera or can Courier out


A bodyboard cover is a must-have for every bodyboard owner.

Look after your board to & from the beach or great to keep it safe whilst stored!

Width: 30cm
Height: 20cm
Depth: 20cm
Suitable for boards up to 42″ height

Quality Manta Phantom PE Bodyboard

A Durable PE Core, coupled with dual stringers and a powerful board shape. The Manta Phantom is the optimum board choice for beginner through to intermediate riders. 2 x stringers keep the board stiff and fast, while the PE core allows for more maneuver based riding with its foam memory.

$179 RRP Autumn Special only $129!!!

Limited Numbers Left in stock of this size be quick!

Colours available:
Dark Blue top or Black top

#PE core
#2 x stringers
#XPS Slick
#Nose Bulbs
#Manta Leash Plug


Hit the shores this summer with a Redback Traction Pad 41″ Skim Board 🙂

Utilisers a soft foam deck top which not only gives the rider maximum foot traction with its criss-cross pattern but also offers a more cushioned riding experience.

The extra grip will improve board maneuverability and will mean you never have to spend on wax.

Constructed with 9mm 5ply Hard timber deck and tuff waterproof glue ensure this is a durable product.

Great for both flat water areas or in gnarly bone-breaking shoreys.

Awesome graphics to finish it off make it an ideal Gift for the watersports enthusiast in your family!

The WAW Premium wood series Handplanes are designed to enhance the entire bodysurfing experience by creating lift and control, allowing the bodysurfer to surf easier, faster and for longer.

They turn beginners into pros and the pros into experts.

Individually handmade using sustainably harvested timber, choose from the stylish Arrow, Pinstripe or Two Tone Design.

A tree planted for every timber handplane sold.

Get barrelled leave no trace!

Perfect Gift Idea for the watersports lover in your family 🙂


  • Deep concave for maximum lift and stability

  • Sharp rails for holding power and manoeuvrability

  • Rockered entry for maximum lift and splash reduction

  • Fully adjustable Yulex Pure bio rubber strap system

  • Adjustable safety wrist leash

  • Low VOC marine grade finish

  • Comes with protective drawstring bag

  • Safety wrist leash

The best handplane shape for the barrel seeker.


Individually handmade from sustainably sourced plantation white cedar.


The strongest most environmentally friendly handplane strap in the market

Our unique fully adjustable strap system is created using Yulex Pure plant based rubber, which is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) and the Rainforest Alliance, as well as recycled polyester velcro and Aquas solvent free glues.


  • Medium – Large, steeper waves

  • More experienced bodysurfers


Dimensions : 300mm x 190mm x 20mm

Weight: Approx 450 grams


The WAW BadFish enhances the bodysurfing experience by providing lift and control, allowing you to bodysurf faster, easier and for longer. It turns beginners into pros and the pros into experts.

The BadFish is made from recycled ocean plastic collected from the Great Barrier Reef so that you can get barrelled, leaving nothing but a cleaner ocean in your path.


  • Fully adjustable bio rubber hand strap

  • Concave hull for extra lift and control

  • Entry rocker for lift and splash reduction

  • Fish tail cut out for extra swimming freedom

  • Safety wrist leash included


  • Dimensions: 30cm x 19cm x 0.9cm

  • Weight: 350 grams


Fantastic Gift Idea!!!


Manta Performance Wrist Leash

Keep your board close by with a quality leash!

  • Double stainless steel swivel
  • Heavy duty Polyurethane coil
  • Padded wrist cuff for added comfort
  • Velcro cuff/One size fits all

The MANTA Performance Coil is for Intermediate-Advanced rider strength factor best for waves 2ft -7ft.


High-Performance PP Core MANTA Hurricane Bodyboards

40″ Size
Navy Blue on clearance

PP Cores are the Benchmark for all modern high performance bodyboarding. The Hurricane is a classic in the Manta range, with Deck Contour, Single Stringer, HDPE Slick, Channels and a performance BPP core.

Leash Plug Included. (no leash)


MANTA URBAN COVER / BODY BOARD BAG – New Stock due in November!

-Can Hold up to 3 Boards (Max 1x 44″ + 1x 42 +1×40″)
Zipped front accessory pocket to store fins etc.(mesh vented)
-Top zipped small storage pouch for Keys, Wax & Phone
-Drainage holes and mesh on base and sides of bag.
-Heavy duty Zippers and large front pocket.
-Heavy duty 1680 D canvas for heat and water protection.
-Backpack-style padded shoulder straps, as well as padded shoulder sling on side of bag.


Manta Bodyboard Cover

Holds up to 1 x 44″ board or can hold up to 2 boards (Max 1 x 42″ + 1 x 44″)

Zipped front accessory pocket to store fins etc.(mesh vented)
Side carry handle.
Backpack-style padded shoulder straps
Also has shoulder sling on side.
Drainage holes at bottom of bag

Very limited quantity available, be quick.

Showing 1–12 of 15 results