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CAMO Spearfishing Wetsuit

Warm & robust 5mm closed cell neoprene

Quality YKK Zip

Soft seal Cuffs & Ankles for comfort and superior water seal

Padded Knees & Chest pad

Great value suit for seafood harvesting!


Immersed 5mm Classic Bootie/ Wetsuit Boots

A great value 5mm boot, ideal for diving, kayaking, boating or to get to your favourite Rock Fishing Spot!


  • 5mm neoprene for warmth
  • Solid rubber sole provides grip and protection
  • Ankle length zip allows easy access for foot
  • A neoprene gusset helps prevent water infiltration through the zip
  • Rubberised coating on front of boot and heel improves durability!
  • Available in sizes UK 4 to 14.
  • Sizing is GENEROUS i.e size 9 UK Booty  = size 10 US/NZ see guide below
UK5 (suit barefoot heel to toe up to 25cm)
UK7 (suit barefoot heel to toe up to 26cm)
UK 9 (suit barefoot heel to toe up to 27cm)
UK11 (suit barefoot heel to toe up to 29cm)
UK13 (suit barefoot heel to toe up to 31cm)
UK14 (suit barefoot heel to toe up to 32cm)


5.00 out of 5

1pr of Sports Outdoors 3mm Wetsuit Socks (sizes XS-3XL)

A smooth & soft 3mm neoprene sock.

Mad Deal unbelievable price $35 RRP now $17.99!!!

Textured sole for extra grip 🙂

Great for extra warmth out on the water this winter!

3mm Neoprene Sox; can be used with both closed foot fins for greater warmth and to protect the skin from scratches and chafing, great with open-heel fins too.

Ideal for Jet skiing, sailing & kayaking as well.

PLEASE NOTE> The sizing is very small so look at “shoe size” below to order the right fit

XS: US youth size 4-5
S: US youth size 5-6

M: US 5-6
L: US 6-7
XL: US 7-8 (barefoot heel to toe up to 25cm)
2XL: US 8.5-9.5 (barefoot heel to toe up to 27cm)
3XL: US 10-11.5 (barefoot heel to toe up to 29cm)


Quality High Performance Cressi Endurance Men’s 1 piece wetsuit 5mm

Great Scuba Wetsuit, Dive Wetsuit.
Awesome Snorkeling Wetsuit,
Excellent Freediving Wetsuit,

$299.99 RRP Summer Special $279.99!


Front zipper YKK© 10 mm highest quality.
Finished cuffs with cut end
YKK© ankle zipper 10 mm chain reinforced with fabric profile, which facilitates the actions of wearing and taking off the wetsuit.
Elastic lining panels in Small Dyamond© of great resistance in knees-shins, buttocks, waist and shoulders.
Reinforced area of the shoulders extends to the arms to reduce the usual deterioration of the shoulder area by the combined action of the hanger, the sun and the weight of the suit that is concentrated at this point
Double-lined in nylon significantly elastic and fast drying.

Sizing Chart is on Last image of Gallery

S=Size 2
M=Size 3
L= Size 4
XL = Size 5 (sold out)
XXL = Size 6
3XL = Size 7 (sold out)
4XL = Size 8 (sold out)


Make your next snorkeling experience even more memorable with this great set!

Horrible mouthfuls of salt water a thing of the past with this combo featuring “dry top” snorkel technology

$99 RRP Summer special $69.99

#Immersed Optrix Mask: features twin tempered glass lenses and a soft clear silicone skirt.
#Immersed Dropaway snorkel with purge valve & dry top
#Protection Bag Included


Great Value Combo to get you started on your scuba journey to enjoy the underwater world!

Set includes Optrix Mask, Drop-away Snorkel & a pair of Dive Fins (3 Sizes available)

$159 RRP Summer special $119

#Immersed Optrix Mask: features twin tempered glass lenses and a soft clear silicone skirt.
#Immersed Dropaway snorkel with purge valve & splash guard top
#Immersed Open Heel Dive Fins with Adjustable Straps (Size S-M Yellow, M-L Blue, L-XL Black)

Set also includes mesh carry bag


A supple neoprene 3mm soft sock with nylon lining for increased warmth.

The sole features a non-slip coating to allow a sure grip.

They can be used with both closed foot fins for greater warmth and to protect the skin from scratches and chafing, as well as with firm-soled boots, using open-heel fins.

Available from S to XXL.


Immersed Goliath Gear Bag

Just the thing to transport all your gear around in!

Heaps of room for fins, snorkel & mask we’ve even had customers use these as a weekender luggage bag.

Large 130L volume gear bag made from 600D nylon featuring three separate pockets.

Dimensions: (LxWxH): 85 x 40 x 40cm

A waterproof lining between the main compartment and end pocket allows you to get wet gear isolated.

The U-shaped opening in to the main compartment makes loading gear simple while smaller items can be stored in a side pocket for easy access.

Score it today & get pre-packed so it’s your quick grab bag for the next adventure!


1pr of Sports Outdoors Wetsuit Mittens! (sizes XS-2XL)

A supple 3mm soft flexible Neoprene Mitten with Adjustable Elastic Cuff strap

Keep warm for less $29.99 RRP now reduced to crazy price of $14!!!

They can be used for a huge range of activities to keep the wind chill factor low & the fun factor High!

Great for ; jet skiing; ski biscuit; white water rafting; SUP, kayaking or just to keep the kids warm out on the boat in the cooler months 🙂

Available in Adult sizing:

Xsmall (good for youth)


All of Cressi’s fifty-year experience has gone into these fins, which are a modern revival of the successful principles of the rubber Rondine fins.

Foot pocket is coalesced with the blade to form-as-one with the blade.

The Rondinella utilises a unique blade made of a very durable and lightweight, yet resilient polypropylene material that optimizes performance and blade stability.

During molding a softflexible thermo-rubber (elastomer), foot pocket is coalesced with the blade to form-as-one with the blade.

This same thermo-plastic is used for the fin frames and for some blade inserts.

This material extends from the foot pocket through the blade, along the sides and fin tips.

This mix makes the Rondinella fins, light and powerful: they are easy-to-usenot-too-demanding, and perform-generously at the same time.

The Rondinella fins are perfect for snorkeling, free diving, and long swims.
The computer-designed foot is enveloping and anatomical, making it easy to put them on and perfect for extended use.

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